Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to Thoughts of Stream

This is a blog devoted to films available to stream instantly on Netflix. Because Netflix constantly makes additions to this option, by no means will this ever be comprehensive or even come close to highlighting the selection, but I do intend to be as diverse as possible with my film choices. Little-seen indies, familiar Hollywood titles, foreign gems, foreign trash, documentaries, silent films, horror movies, romantic comedies, direct-to-DVD teen raunchfests, tender coming-of-age dramas, anything from any era. As long as it has that blue "Play" option, I'll click it and write about it here. Ideally, these reviews will serve as a helpful guide and companion piece for anyone who logs onto Netflix with time to spare but no idea what to watch.

That's about the best introduction to this project that I can give at this point. I'm still mulling over certain details like a rating system (for now, I'll probably do the out-of-five stars method) and the frequency, length, and format of my posts, and chances are they'll change over time. (And just to clear the air, I am in no way affiliated with Netflix. Hell, I don't even have an account, just a close friend who trusts me with access to his account. Of course, this means that depending on my friend's whims, this grand experiment could end abruptly at any point.) I do plan on making film selections that are in some way timely, perhaps coinciding with a film release or other events that would be of interest. Considering the Academy Award nominations were announced this week, I figured spotlighting one of the nominated films would be fitting, so my inaugural post will be on the Best Documentary Feature nominee, Food, Inc.

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